About Me

As you may have guessed, My name is Damian. Life Modelling is a part time career for myself which I have been technically doing since 2011. I am from Colchester, Essex and love what I do! I am punctual, well mannered & have a good sense of humour which I believe to be the some of the vital ingredients needed to be a life model.

First up, here are my statistics for those that wish to jump straight to the point;

Height: 5′ 10″

Chest: 44″

Waist: 34″

Build: Average

Age: Early Thirties

Nationality: English


I started Life Modelling back in 2011 when a friend invited me to her local art group that she ran in East London. I say “invited” but it was more of a constant pester over of a period of a few months, my friend didn’t have a single male life model on her books under the age of 50 so as you can imagine she was quite relentless! Why me and not someone else I have no idea (apparently I am interesting to draw) but one evening after a few glass’s of wine I agreed. Initially I was petrified at the thought of standing in front of a group of strangers completely nude whilst they drew, painted and scrutinised every inch of my body in the name of art, but I did and it turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

As it turns out the group immediately invited me back for a handful of other class’s over the period of a couple of months, again for more life drawing and to try my hand at erotic life drawing, body casting and body painting. Unfortunately my life model career ended almost as quickly as it started as work and life got in the way so I decided to pack it in before I started to let people down.

Fast forward 5 years and I started back up as life and work now allows me to do so. Since starting up I have been modelling for several art groups, class’s and private sessions in Colchester and the surrounding area’s.

Why Life Modelling?

What started out to be a favour for a friend soon became a great stress management tool for myself. I model because it relieves stress from my busy lifestyle. Second of all I love seeing finished artwork, ultimately a session starts out with usually my ideas, energy and poses and you guys translate that to a 2D piece of art. Art interests me, although you would never find me the other side of the easel (I can barely use a pencil let alone navigate a piece of charcoal around a page to create something purposeful), and I find close similarities with my hobby, which also involves shapes, shadows and textures, photography.